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Рассказ на английском языке на экологическую тему для школьников

Английский рассказ по экологии для школьников “Ecological problems”

Автор работы: Леухина Ангелина, ученица 7 Б класса МОУ “Школа №62 города Донецка”.
Руководитель: Долгих Марина Cергеевна, учитель английского языка МОУ “Школа №62 города Донецка”.
Описание работы: данный авторский рассказ на экологическую тему можно использовать для контроля навыков чтения на уроках английского языка в 8 классе. Задание после текста способствует включению обучающихся в активное обсуждение проблемы, обмен мнениями по проблеме и нахождению правильного решения. Огромную роль в глобальном решении экологических проблем играет не только работа специалистов по охране окружающей среды, но и специальная система экологического образования. Экологическое образование имеет универсальный, междисциплинарный характер, поэтому оно должно войти в содержание всех форм общего образования. Подготовка поколения высокой экологической культуры - потребность общества, и поэтому учебный предмет «иностранный язык» позволяет внести определенный вклад в решение этой проблемы. Экологическое образование является одним из приоритетных образовательных направлений сегодняшнего дня. Мировоззренческий характер экологии как науки дает большие возможности в образовательном, воспитательном и социальном аспектах. Мир природы является уникальным объектом, при взаимодействии с которым удается гармонично сочетать решение образовательных задач с задачами формирования развивающейся личности школьников.
Цель: контроль навыков чтения
- развивать интерес к изучению английского языка,
- развивать навыки чтения, языковую догадку, память, воображение, внимание, мышление,
- воспитывать бережное отношение к природe.
Ecological problems
I was writing a composition about ecological problems when I heard the call. I came into the study room and saw my classmate’s face on the large screen of the computer. “Robert, you cannot imagine what news I have got for you!” It seemed to me that he didn’t expect any answer and continued:“A new building will be built in four years, in 3012! A lot of robots will build a very high building containing a city! It will be 1050 floors high and in special lifts it will take only 15 minutes to get from the top to the bottom. Offices, hospitals, schools, flats, restaurants will be in this building. You can forget about the global warming-up process! You can forget about this terrible heat! They are going to build green floors where children will play different games. The temperature will be 25 degrees above zero inside in any season. You can walk in aT-shirt and shorts on a cold winter’s day! Imagine you shouldn’t open a window at all! Imagine…”

I didn’t hear him. I didn’t want to hear his voice. Don’t people want to drive to the beach and go swimming in summer? Don’t they want to see trees and flowers around them? I don’t want to live in this modern building like one of their robots.
If I could change the world…

I continued to write my school composition “How can we make the world a better place?” … There is not any ocean or sea which is not used as a dump. The Pacific Оcean has suffered from nuclear pollution because some countries continue testing nuclear weapons there. A lot of seas are used for dumping industrial and nuclear waste. It poisons and kills fish and sea animals. Nuclear-poisoned fish can be eaten by people. Many rivers and lakes are poisoned too. Fish and reptiles can’t live in them. A lot of birds leave their habitats.

There is not enough oxygen in the polluted water. It happens because factories and plants produce a lot of waste and pour it into many rivers and lakes. Pollution from cars, factories is causing harmful greenhouse gases to build up in the atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping, and as a result our planet is getting warmer. The global warming-up process is causing the ice at the North and South Poles to melt and sea levels to rise. It can lead to flooding in many parts of the world. In other places there will be less rain and these places will be turned into desert.

Nowadays people are asked not to be in the direct sunlight for a long time, because ultraviolet radiation from the sun can cause skin cancer. It happens because there a lot of ozone holes. Normally, the ozone layer in the atmosphere protects us from this radiation. If there are holes in the ozone layer ultraviolet radiation can get to the Earth. Our scientists cannot solve the problem of ozone holes. Besides that, floods, droughts, forest fires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, the most devastating hurricanes, acid rains have become typical of many countries.

There are a lot of endangered species because rainforests are being cut down. Modern farming methods, for example using pesticides and genetically modified crops, also influence the food chain. On the one hand, killing insects may be useful for growing crops. On the other hand, it reduces the amount of available food for other animals and birds. Besides that, nobody knows the consequences of genetically modified crops for us.

In my opinion, we must stop the greenhouse effect combining efforts of all nations. We must stop all wars! We are all one big family. We can make the world a better place together! In this case I would like to remember my favourite song:
The future is coming,
You got to catch it if you can.
The magic’s unfolding
When you can hold it in your hand.
We can touch tomorrow today
To make some memories that never fade away.
Put your hands on the future.
There are dreams together around the world
With a voice from every country,
A face from every land.
We’ll celebrate the future hand in hand,
We’ll celebrate the future hand in hand.
The magic of tomorrow
Lives inside of you,
Join the celebration,
Put your hands on the future.
There are dreams together around the world
With a voice from every country,
A face from every land.
We’ll celebrate the future hand in hand,
We’ll celebrate the future hand in hand.

Answer the questions:
1. What composition was Robert writing when he heard the call ?
2. What building will be built in four years?
3. Why will this building be unusual?
4. Can it solve the problem of the global warming-up process?
5. Why didn’t Robert want to hear his classmate?
6. What ecological problems does Robert describe in his composition?
7. Is the global warming-up process caused by human activities? Why?
8. Why is Robert so much concerned about the greenhouse effect and the process of global warming?
9. Why are there endangered species?
10. How can the humankind solve the world’s ecological problems?

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Рассказ для школьников на английском языке на экологическую тему | Игры на уроках английского языка, 5 класс
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