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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку, 10-11 класс

Конспект внеклассного мероприятия на английском языке для 10-11 классов на тему «Англоязычные страны»
Автор: Голикова Татьяна Валентиновна, учитель английского языка МБОУ «СОШ № 9»
Класс: 10-11
Возраст обучающихся: 16-17 лет
Тема: Англоязычные страны
Цель: систематизировать знания обучающихся об англоязычных странах
- расширение кругозора обучающихся;
- совершенствование лексических навыков;
- повышение мотивации к изучению английского языка;
- привитие уважения к иноязычным странам;
- формирование умения работать в команде;
- воспитание дружеского отношения между участниками команды.
Форма: викторина
Ход мероприятия
Good afternoon, everybody. We welcome you at our brain ring “English-speaking countries”. Today we’ll see how well you know Australia, Canada and the United States of America. Be the first to answer the questions. Do the tasks and get scores for the correct answers to win the game.
There are three teams today. There are five rounds with nine questions in each one. Show the first the red card if you know the answer. The correct answer gives the team one score. If your answer is wrong, the other teams get a chance to win the point.
I wish everybody good luck! Let us start the game.
Round 1: Australia
1. What is the capital of Australia? (Canberra)
2. Who were the first European settlers in Australia? (convicts)
3. The Australian Outback is
A) a lake which is the lowest point of the country B) a mountain in the heart of the continent C) a large territory beyond the urban areas
(C- a large territory beyond the urban areas)
4. Uluru is a
A) lake B) a rock monolith C) a river
(B) a rock monolith)
5. What is the oldest city in Australia? (Sydney)
6. Who discovered Australia? (James Cook)
7. What do the stars on the Australian flag form? (the Southern Cross)
8. How many points does the largest star have? (seven)
9. What does the number of points of the largest star on the flag represent? (all Australian states and territories)
Round 2: Canada
1. What is the capital of Canada? (Ottawa)
2. What does the word “Canada” in the language of Iroquoian mean? (village)
3. How many provinces are there in Canada? (ten provinces)
4. What is the capital of French-speaking Canada? (Quebec)
5. What is the national symbol of Canada? (the maple leaf)
6. How many animals are there on the Royal coat of arms? (three)
7. What sport game did the Canadian James Naismith invent? (basketball)
8. Who discovered Canada on June 24, 1497? (John Cabot)
9. What is the biggest province in Canada?
A) Prince Edward B) Quebec C) Ontario
(B) Quebec)
Round 3: Yosemite National Park
1. How many species of birds can you see in the park?
A) about 200 B) about 250C) about 300 D) about 350
(B) about 250)
2. The Mariposa Battalion got over the mountains and entered the valley in
A) 1801 B) 1831 C) 1851 D) 1871
(C) 1851)
3. The magical valley is located in
A) the mountains of Sierra Nevada B) the region of Great Lakes C) Silicon Valley D) Death Valley
(A) the mountains of Sierra Nevada)
4. The park occupies the territory of more than __ sq.km.
A) 3,000 B) 4,000 C) 5,000 D) 6,000
(A) 3,000)
5. Glacier Point is the place which
A) is a famous waterfall B) a famous mountain C) where the natives live D) gives the panoramic view of the park
(D) gives the panoramic view of the park)
6. Half Dome is
A) a huge granite mountain B) the name of the river C) a part of the Niagara Falls D) the name of the unique cave
(A) a huge granite mountain)
7. What are the people impressed with when they enter Mariposa Grove?
A) Bridal Veil Falls B) Half Dome C) Glacier Point D) Giant Sequoias
(D) Giant Sequoias)
8. The wood of sequoias is known to have been valued for their
A) height B) light weight C) uniqueness D) rareness
(B) light weight)
9. What was John Muir?
A) a famous American traveler B) an outstanding English writer C) a Scottish immigrant D) A Canadian songwriter
(C) a Scottish immigrant)
Round 4: National anthems
1. What is the name of the national anthem of Canada? (O Canada)
2. What song was written by a school teacher from Toronto? (the Maple Leaf Forever)
3. What was the name of the school teacher from Toronto who wrote the famous song? (Alexander Muir)
4. When was the national anthem of Canada proclaimed? (1980)
5. What is the national anthem of the UK? (God Save the Queen)
6. Who is the author of the national anthem of Great Britain? (Henry Carey)
7. What country do the words of the anthem belong to: “…We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil (тяжелый труд), Our home is girt (окружать) by sea; Our land abounds (изобиловать) in Nature’s gifts Of beauty rich and rare…”? (Australia. “Advance Australia Fair” - «Развивайся, прекрасная Австралия»)
8. When was the modern national anthem of Australia adopted? (1984)
9. What had been the national anthem of Australia? (God Save the Queen)
Round 5: Sights
1. What city is it? (Toronto)

2. What is there in the picture? (The Royal Ontario Museum, Canada)

3. What is there in the picture? (The Parliament of Canada)

4. What is there in the picture? (Sydney Opera House, Australia)

5. What is there in the picture? (Uluru, Australia)

6. What is there in the picture? (Great Barrier Reef, Australia)

7. What is there in the picture? (Mount Rushmore, the USA)

8. What is there in the picture? (Central Park, the USA)

9. What is there in the picture? (Guggenheim Museum, the USA)

Well-done! That’s the end of the game. We hope you enjoyed the time with us. Now the jury gets the word (подведение итогов). Награждение победителей и призеров.

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